Tuesday, October 9, 2007

new video

After a number of long hours this past weekend we have finally finished the second video. This one proved to be problematic in the sense that it was difficult to capture into the computer. The time code on the footage was broken in a few places. It would hang the system up requiring us to work the tapes by hand.

The more we shifted through it running it back and forward the more we began to hear and see within it. We need your help to sort all of this out. I'm a bit dazed between the editing, expanding the search, and keeping work and school on track - it's becoming more difficult. I'm going to have to make a tough decision regarding school very soon.

Send us your theories, pictures, audio and anything else that you think will aid us in our search.



matthew0300 said...

hey dont worry shes out there and i will try to help you find her bro and ive gone throught the second tape for about 3 hrs and i found alot of stuff u probrobly found already but yea wright me back i can really help bye

John Jimmy Dondapati said...

That was really disturbing.What was that? Why was she trying to kill Hope?

Was she into some Occult thing or some shit?

Richard - Hang in there buddy if she is out there, she would really appreciate what you are doing.

God bless!

me said...

hey i dont know you but i caught the video and from what ive been researching no one has found this part and i cant make it out but i thought i would let you know that the video "something wrong with mom" has some wording right before the second strike with the knife when things go to the gray blur....

also from what it looks like there is a "target" right before she hides from her mom. in the greenish blur...hope this can help you out....

slider said...

waver in between cuts reveals messages "Beneath the still waters of a dark lake does damnation or redemption wait...Five stages.botch.mom"

slider said...

Also just thought you should know, to come up with the info on my last post, i used a Caesar Cipher, which is a sliding text ciper. Hope it helps, should be a pretty big piece of info.

Brynna said...

Found something else in my fifth viewing, trying to get anything else out.

Right before Hope talks about the power going out, these numbers flash on the screen:
4673 47 25483

The talking and the loud voice at the end of the dark section is driving me nuts, can anyone help clean up the audio or make it louder?

Dan said...

I found Several things inside of the Video so here's what I've seen

-At The time when the power goes out, just after the web-cam scene, there is a series of number on the screen for mere microseconds, the sequence is 4673 47 25483, including the space, whether this is a timecode or something more, I dont know.

-Between the part where the screen is dark and Hope is recording the noises from outside and where she finds her mother, there is a second of two of static in which there is a message inscribed "It's So Dark Where I Am"

-As her Mother Turns around with the knife in her hand there is a split amount of text on the bottom left corner of the frame, it appears to say "BOTCH MOM" with the split occuring just under the crossbar of the "H"

-Near the End of the Video it says
something along the lines of "let us kill" but it looks like there is another letter after the t in let, cant tell what it is though..

Tori said...

hi, so i say a few things in the video:

First, at one point in the movie, right before it's 00.46.29 minutes in on hopes camera, there is a flash of numbers where the time is. those numbers are 119.0083 and they are upside down. I'm not sure what they could mean.

Second. After Hope's mother does her first 2 swipes with the knife, letters flash on the screen. they are:


I think it's some type of code, but i have been unable to crack it.

lastly, there is infact some sort of image right before we see hope in the bathroom. it is not a target (wish i could draw it) it kind of looks like a target, but with peices missing.

lastly, at the very end, there is a flsh that sates "let us kill" or something of the sort. However, it looks possible that there could be an "s" after the "let" or even another word at the very beginning.

I hope this helps!

Tori said...

the long code that flshed after the mom attempts to stab hope for the 2nd time means:

"beneath the still
waters of a dark
lake does damnation
or redemption wait

Five stages (dot) Botch (dot) mom"

Michael said...

Okay, the scene where she has the camera pointed outside and you can hear the voice, i decided to focus on that. After listening to it the 3rd or 4th time, I noticed distortion similar to that found in backmasking.

Sure enough, I recorded the sound file and reversed it. Here's the creepy part, it's Hope's voice. Here's what I could pull from it:

"[muffled]...what are you doing? Are you [muffled]? Mom, you're scaring me."

Now, at the end of the video, right before it switches to Hope walking through the living room and finding her mom in the kitchen, there is some whispers. These are not backmasked, and appear to be several layers of whispers. The only word I can make out in them is "burn" (I think).

I'm sending the audio file to Richard, and I am willing to pass it along to anyone that wants it. If you do, feel free to email me at babywiththepower(at)gmail(dot)com

kabula said...

what freaks me is in the flashbacks few pictures appears,a the hand a skull and a dog facing front, zooming and fedog faces like catoonish with a woman touching her head and another few person and the same woman;did just apeared? do you have a clue?

Topper said...

Tapped this coding. It's alpha numeric like on a mobile phone,

4673 47 25483
hope is alive