Thursday, October 18, 2007

A connection

After receiving numerous emails suggesting a connection to a film called HEAD TRAUMA. I reached out and contacted the film maker Lance Weiler. Here's what he had to say.


I'm sorry to hear about HOPE if there is anything that I can do please let me know. To answer your questions there is a missing girl in HEAD TRAUMA and she is abducted in a scene by a Hooded Figure. After looking at your videos I thought it would be best to turn over to you what I have so that you can use it within your search.

The Jacket was purchased in the spring of 2003 for $45 dollars. We purchased two of them from a gentleman selling army surplus over ebay. They are air forced issued and were used in the late 80s and early 90s from what I was told.

The following are a number of stills that include the Hooded Figure and the girl within the film.

I sincerely hope that this helpful and if you need anything else please let me know.

Lance Weiler

I'm not sure if there is any correlation between Mr. Weiler's movie and Hope's disappearance but I don't want to leave any stone un-turned. I'm getting so close to the day that we were to be married. My stomach is knots and I can't sleep.

I know that I keep saying this but I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for all your hard work in searching for HOPE. For those who have carved time out of their busy schedules to help aid us in our time of need - thank you so much!

Monday, October 15, 2007

A conference call?

I was just notified that a conference call took place early Sat morning. The call was between a number of people searching for Hope and what could have been deep throat. By following clues from our videos people discovered a secret call in number and access code. From what I'm told the call lasted only a few minutes.

I received an email from a person that asked not to be identified, pointing to a myspace profile page owned by someone named "J". On the page was a strange video. A recording of the call that includes code and just a single image of who I'm sure is Hope. See below.

Can someone please help translate the code that moves up the screen and also the title of this video. I can't make out much in this recording but I'm sure that the voice must be Hope!

gurer jvyy or gjb guvf jrrx

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Those willing to come forward in regards to the call we need your help. Please either call the hot line or send us an email as soon as possible.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The air is clear and the birds are flying?

There are so many theories flying around the abduction of HOPE. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. I'm still sorting through everything.

Late last night I received an email that we believe came from Deep Throat. If you can figure this out please let us know. ASAP!

On 10/12/07 3:07 AM, "northdash" wrote:

>the air is clear and the birds are flying only ninety six will be admitted

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

new video

After a number of long hours this past weekend we have finally finished the second video. This one proved to be problematic in the sense that it was difficult to capture into the computer. The time code on the footage was broken in a few places. It would hang the system up requiring us to work the tapes by hand.

The more we shifted through it running it back and forward the more we began to hear and see within it. We need your help to sort all of this out. I'm a bit dazed between the editing, expanding the search, and keeping work and school on track - it's becoming more difficult. I'm going to have to make a tough decision regarding school very soon.

Send us your theories, pictures, audio and anything else that you think will aid us in our search.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Save me?

Got word back, they don't teach gregg or any type of shorthand. So Hope wouldn't have learned it in school.

I know a lot of you have said the symbols look like gregg shorthand. That they spell out "save me" which gets me excited that Hope is still alive.

Thanks to all those who have been sending in theories and breakdowns of the footage. Special thanks to earthian for the following. Click the image to see a larger version.

earthian says: Maybe the squiggles aren't actually any kind of symbolic glyph or abstract graphical representation. Maybe they are trying to indicate something that is going on in the image. I got the idea when I noticed the large loop squiggle seems to like up with Connie's face.

Here's an enhanced capture of them two of them apparently eating cheerios together. Connie has some beverage in a mug with a flower with five petals on the side. In the background over Connie's head is a frame picture, but I can't really make it out.

And here's the sequence of frames with the squiggles. One thing that struck me is that the vertical loop seems to outline the side of her face, while the horizontal mark is basically aligned with her nose in each frame. The doodles overlap just whatever in the background, but scrupulously avoid overlapping her face. U might just be that they show up better against the dark background, but I'm not prepared to rule anything out at this point.

These ones are cropped and numbered, but otherwise untouched.

People have said that they hear other voices when I hold up the tape recorder and play back Hope and Connie's phone conversation in video one. It sounds like something but we could use your help.

Also at first we thought the latest message on the hotline was someone pranking but I've been getting numerous emails from people who seem to hear

Some say strings of numbers and others say phrases

A few have offered to clean up the audio. Is there anyone who could provide a before and after. Also if you could share how you did it that would be amazing.

We're getting close to finishing another video and should have it up any day now. Lastly, we have received close to a thousand comments. I'm trying to go through them and as soon as I can I'll post them.

Thanks for your continued support.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Wow the response has been overwhelming. With so many people viewing, passing and searching through the footage word is spreading about Hope.

What came in yesterday...

optomit says
"The symbol at frames 3270-3279 looks like shorthand to me. It could be Gregg shorthand, but I cannot read it. The horizontal line with the circle at the end could mean 'money'. I assume that Hope could write shorthand, if she is studying journalism?"

HugoZ says
"Are you sure that is short hand notation? It looks like images you get from AFM microscopy of protein folding. notice the first and last stage in the folding of this prion to view click here.
the prions are associated w/ brain diseases.

I'm not sure if Hope knows any shorthand but tomorrow I'll call down to the communications department to see. Have to look into the prions thing. If anyone has more knowledge on how this could be related I'd love to know.

Other tips - a number of people saw significance in 3:07.

3. 0. 7
three zero seven

and a few people saw a connection between the recurring time of 3 o'clock and felt it could have some occult significance.

At this point I'm open to any and all possibilities

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Here it is

Well it took a few days longer than we expected but here it is. The following video is a the first in a series. What is interesting is the more I comb through the materials the more strange things I find within the frames. I'm sure there is a connection between these tapes and Hope's abduction.

The more people who see these the better and if you find anything in the videos please let us know. All these efforts will give me something to take back to the police who are moving so painfully slow.

Special thanks to myspace and Stage 6 for their support.

To view the first video visit

myspace | stage6