Friday, October 5, 2007


Wow the response has been overwhelming. With so many people viewing, passing and searching through the footage word is spreading about Hope.

What came in yesterday...

optomit says
"The symbol at frames 3270-3279 looks like shorthand to me. It could be Gregg shorthand, but I cannot read it. The horizontal line with the circle at the end could mean 'money'. I assume that Hope could write shorthand, if she is studying journalism?"

HugoZ says
"Are you sure that is short hand notation? It looks like images you get from AFM microscopy of protein folding. notice the first and last stage in the folding of this prion to view click here.
the prions are associated w/ brain diseases.

I'm not sure if Hope knows any shorthand but tomorrow I'll call down to the communications department to see. Have to look into the prions thing. If anyone has more knowledge on how this could be related I'd love to know.

Other tips - a number of people saw significance in 3:07.

3. 0. 7
three zero seven

and a few people saw a connection between the recurring time of 3 o'clock and felt it could have some occult significance.

At this point I'm open to any and all possibilities


Zak said...

Optomit may be on to something with the shorthand. After watching the video and reading that comment I searched around for some info on Gregg Shorthand. Not sure if you have had the opportunity yourself but if you go to this site,

start going through the various units on the right hand side of the page. You can see that the symbols very much resemble the Gregg shorthand characters. Again, not sure if that will help at all but thought I would post it for you anyway.

Anonymous said...

uhh... idk but i thought it was weird how 3:07 was the last part of mothers day,5-13-07, 5-1(3-07)

Stephanie said...

3AM is the hour of the Anti-christ and much demonic activity surrounds it. It is the opposite of 3PM when Christ died on the cross.

It is the hour most spiritual energies can cross over and have the most profound effect.

3 - Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

butthead111111 said...

me again well i've been watching the videos in on my space and trying to get a look of what i see and the video where she puts the video camra in here room as shes a sleep i seen four wolfs....but what that person doesn't know is i seen a black man on the left her mom or(some other women) over here head the to the right i see another women the beside here is some white guy with appears to be with blonde hair??? but i dont know i'm still looking at the video and trying to help along if wanna email me Go to