Monday, October 15, 2007

A conference call?

I was just notified that a conference call took place early Sat morning. The call was between a number of people searching for Hope and what could have been deep throat. By following clues from our videos people discovered a secret call in number and access code. From what I'm told the call lasted only a few minutes.

I received an email from a person that asked not to be identified, pointing to a myspace profile page owned by someone named "J". On the page was a strange video. A recording of the call that includes code and just a single image of who I'm sure is Hope. See below.

Can someone please help translate the code that moves up the screen and also the title of this video. I can't make out much in this recording but I'm sure that the voice must be Hope!

gurer jvyy or gjb guvf jrrx

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Those willing to come forward in regards to the call we need your help. Please either call the hot line or send us an email as soon as possible.


Bones said...

the title translates to "there will be two this week", with a caesarian shift of N=13.

Bones said...

the code running up the screen translates as:

"you r closer than you think

just combine
what you know
and the answers
will become clear.

it is within the mix.

where is hope and what is hope?

i can't help
anymore or they
will kill me."

also with a shift of N=13. as for the audio, the stuff over the text is somebody talking backwards, but i don't have the tools to fix it. so someone else do that.


Tid Miste said...

"What else is out here? I'll scream, I swear." It's what she's saying backwards, slowed down by 100%. I just used the sound recorded on Windows. Nifty program.

Anonymous said...

good old ROT13

cormac said...

yeah i can confirm hope says who else is out here, ill scream i swear

Tones said...

IF anybody is curious, the picture on the myspace is from a Field Manual, depicting the Immediate Action taken when faced with a NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Attack, it is followed by the warning "GAS GAS GAS"
Just putting in my two cents

Fulanito said...

I've been searching for Hope Wiscott file in police files and I couldn't find it. Can you help us telling us where they are handling this investigation?

OctalMage said...

I can also confirm what the message says.

Here is a image of the image that looks like Hope from the video.


rednamalas said...

Heres what i got tonight.

Going to the myspace page of "j"
The background has 2 lines of text.

Transmission complete.

Ignoring the transmission complete and using the n=13 key,m utilized in the video.
Translation =

This page has a singular black and white photo of 4 individuals. with the text in the tab of only x. upon research. Right to left: US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev, Mrs. Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower (eisenhowers wife) and Mrs. Nina Petrovna Khrushchev (Khrushchev's wife) at a state dinner during the Soviet leader's visit to the United States in 1959.

Stephanie said...

Ya.. can someone email me and help me out with this. I am very addicted now and am confused! please email me. thats me. Help me out here please

John said...

All you need is to reverse the audio and you'll get whats being said... That, and possibly switch the polarities of the sound waves.

To get a more clear sound of whats being said if you can find clips of the background noises all you need to do is use phase inversion to cancel out the ambient noise to get just the voice.

wheel said...

on myspace, there's another cryptoquote/cryptogram puzzle from the video that have the letter:




the lisence plates are:

m3m3 AND smr98.76

the sign in the video turns from a "no parking" sign to an image of an alien or something.

if you go to, you will find a website with only two links one is "home":

Healing America one person at a time

ADC provides caring solutions that enable our patients to overcome a variety of disorders and discomforts. Our patented treatments are cutting edge and have resulted in many satisfied customers. ADC caring solutions are employed by numerous fortune 500 companies and special branches of the United States Military.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or a preferred outlet please contact one of our sales associates today.

Thank you for your interest.


The other is "contact":

Click on "CONTACT" and you'll be taken to another screen for a "contact" and "order number". if you put anything in both fields and use the submit button the text "the air is clean, the birds are flying" by clicking on it in succession.

i would venture to think that there are more portions to that website, but i don't know, yet.

nslookup provides "" as the domain name with the i.p. address of

when you enter that address in a browser, it will go to "LANCE WEILER - writer / director HEAD TRAUMA and LAST BROADCAST".

A google search of "hopeismissing" brings up even more.

add "lance weiler" and you find a good spot for resources:

i hope some of this helps people.

(summarization's for a film he has made called "head trauma".)

Craig said...

Is it possible that some of the 'blippy' sound is a spectrogram image? I'm running Linux, and I can't find a good spectrogram program. If you find one, could somebody post it?

dwhaj said...

I also got black and white photo.
Have I just wasted 45 min. of my life on this or does anyone have other info.

Anonymous said...

On the page with the new pictures titled: "x"

If you check the page source, you see, in the META data:

let's us kill = louis kelly

I figured that had to be a reason that this wasnt just a picture... but a page made to have the picture.

genie said...



mono lake, yosemite national park

jack said...

ADC on the lisence plate when shes getting gas "

ADC provides caring solutions that enable our patients to overcome a variety of disorders and discomforts. Our patented treatments are cutting edge and have resulted in many satisfied customers. ADC caring solutions are employed by numerous fortune 500 companies and special branches of the United States Military.
If you are interested in becoming a reseller or a preferred outlet please contact one of our sales associates today.
Thank you for your interest.

zenchy said...

well!!, I think this is any kind of game, can I play please?

Zach said...

The image is a JPEG file. JPEGs are KNOWN for steganography.

If someone could tease out a steg utility, it might help.

Craig said...

I think I may have found a little insight with 3:07

lamentations 3:07
"he has walled me in so i cannot escape:
he has weighed me down with chains"

what do you think?

cndcigga said...

if u go to the stage6 page and view the new video. The picture at the top translates to "we know we see we take: im not sure what "nic3 if not edgar snip" means though. And can anyone give me a free program to download so i can view the videos in freeze frame?

Zach said...

MySpace vid: I managed to pause it at just the right time.


rhitch1544 said...

J myspace page profile pic can be found here(refer to tones' comment in this forum)


cndcigga said...

the txt in the video while hope is changing in front of the mirror translates to "i am ready to meet look under the..." and the last part dosen't translate. anyone know what "ok bad lt" could mean

cndcigga said...

go to,
can anyone figure out wats there?

Zach said...

In the process of looking through the video, I've uncovered a few, ah, "deleted scenes."

You can find them at

In particular, is textthatseesall.png (, which ISN'T USING ROT13! I don't know what it's using. Probably the same as the ALERT page.

I wonder what the wolves have to do with this. And who the hell "THIEVED" is.

Finally, as you mentioned, Deep Throat is, of course, the informant who uncovered the great Watergate scandal. Anyone who takes on the handle Deep Throat is likely being an informant on something that is very dangerous for them. William Mark Felt Sr. was the name of the original Deep Throat; I wonder what the name of our friend here is.

Just some interesting stuff.

And no, I didn't bother editing the clips out of Firefox. Whatever.

Ariel_Vicious said...

There is more to that site
When you click the contact link, it takes you to a page that has fields where you can input info.
put in "hope is alive" in the contact field and "refseq1097452" in the order # field and it gives you this info in red:

10.13 @ 07:00 GMT
dial-in: 641.715.3840
access code: 532240#
only 96 will be admitted

Now if you click that, it takes you to another page w/an image of what appears to be paper and more coding on it.
Heres a link:

DET. VALLEE said...

gurer jvyy or gjb guvf jrrx

lbh e pybfre guna lbh guvax
whfg pbzovar
jung lbh xabj
naqgur nafjref
jvyy orpbzr pyrne
vg vf jvguva gur zvk
jurer vf ubcr naqjung vf ubcr?
v pna'g uryc
nalzber be gurl
ivyy xvyy zr



There will be two this week

You are closer than you think
just combine
what you know
and the answers
will become clear
it is within the mix
where is hope and what is hope?
i can't help
anymore or they will kill me

I know this was already posted but I figured show the way to desypher it.

Jennifer said...

I tried to do the link, I am really good with photo editing and wanted to try to give it a shot, but the address given didnt work, can someone give me the link?

Jennifer said...,+San+Francisco,+CA+94118,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title

go here, its the google map of richard chambers address on the envelope, it takes you in the middle of the street.

rhitch1544 said...

CALIFORNIA, USA - Mono Lake, a high desert lake in east California in the US, has apparently been assaulted for several years by midnight dumpers of nuclear waste, according to a recent study conducted by Columbia University researchers,. Their report suggests that nuclear waste was dumped into the lake during the 1950s and perhaps again ten to 15 years later. ("Citizen Alert", WISE NC302 21/10/88)

not to mention major bird nesting grounds and a murky green mud darkens the lake definitely mono lake oh and navy beach

buildings nearby include a ghost town

cathy said...

the line sayin "the air is clear and the birds are flying and 96 will only be allowed"i think hes
talking about hours, there are 24
hours in a day 96 divided by 24 is
4. It could be 4 days but thats my guess. then in the poem, when it said "or they will kill me"
i think there are multiple suspects!!

cathy said...

i thik in the saying "thae air is clear and the birds are flying and
only 96 will be ammited" it think he is talkng about hours which it would be 4 days. and in the message
"or they'll kill me" they're multiple supspects !!that is my guess.

DT said...

calling the number ariel posted under "dial in" im assuming the 10.13 is the date but im doing it anyway, entered the access code and now im "on hold" till someone else calls in, if anyone gets the same let me know

Zach said...

641-715-3840 532240#

This is a conference call number, and I was the only one on. Must've been too late. :/

(For the ones who didn't know)

Bobby said...

something i just noticed on this that may have some meaning. if you goto the it shows you the picture of those people.

A. who are they im not totally sure

B. goto the actual picture source and the url is

Extinction said...

Hey, just joined, if you wana listen to hope its here, i just uploaded it on that vid.
"Who else is out here? I'll scream, I swear."

i just uploaded it.

JPring1021 said...

On June 26, 1959, Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth opened up the St. Lawrence Sea Way. Part of the St. Lawerence Sea way is the Eisenhower Lock ( Don't know what may be significant about that except that it ties in with the beneath dark waters poem sorta. But on June 27 is when Khrushchev met with Eisenhower to unveil the Taras Shevchenko monument in D.C. ( Hope this helps...

Craig said...

oh ya, one more thing... there is a number that pops up just for about 2 or 3 frames in the 1st video i think. 38.01667 and it seemed too precise to be anything other than a coordinate. well my buddy found the other one. and i can't remember it off the top of my head, but when he put it into yahoo maps, it came up as a lake in california.

guess what the shape was? let us kill...

jchacim said...

i'm not english,but try this :

help to be free as too him too ( p one y one ) be free are him too.
go too you too gona a too help be free gona too you too as too an ex , ( ex - maybe ex boyfriend)

try to count your letters:

there are Three B, Two L, E one, etc,etc,

so we have:

L2 B3 H2 P1 Y1 B3 F1 R1 E2 G2 U2 N1 A2 L2 B3 G2 U2 A2 X1

good luck

David Nyström said...

I tried to clear out the white noise of the audio after she speaks backwards, and it sounds like birds. I'm not sure whether this has any meaning what-so-ever, though.

Craig said...

Ciphertext from
TVIGJO 1013 300

redflag is the key.

Also, the bit of ciphertext later on, the JES XRH bit, is the same code.
Northdash happened to give us the key (sort of) on his Twitter. Hint: look under the...don't translate the next part. just rearrange the letters. you'll see what i mean.

Anonymous said...

she's trapped in a well!!
what is hope... a wish for something to go well... wish, well... wishing well, she's being held in a well..

ovidiu said...

what is this?

ovidiu said...

what is this?

josh said...

heay dude soory for the loss
but on one of the videos called
almost like half way in something flashes up real quick well i stoped it on it says
its so dark where i am
what does that mean exactly
well i might be young but im doing my best with my research and you have my full support

browneyes said...

someone posted that hope is in a well. someone also posted that when trying to clear up the white noise on the video it sounded like birds. has she ever gone places with alot of birds that had a well?

babiangelshania623 said...