Friday, October 12, 2007

The air is clear and the birds are flying?

There are so many theories flying around the abduction of HOPE. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. I'm still sorting through everything.

Late last night I received an email that we believe came from Deep Throat. If you can figure this out please let us know. ASAP!

On 10/12/07 3:07 AM, "northdash" wrote:

>the air is clear and the birds are flying only ninety six will be admitted


b4l427 said...

Ok I dont know if everyone is with me but check this. When you go to the website if give you a page with a bunch of words that can't be decoded. Ok soooooooo....when you go to and click contact and put in "hope is alive" (Which btw is this number 4673 47 25483) in the contact space and then in the reference space you put "refseq1097452" and in the status box this pops up which is a big solve in this whole thing

10.13 @ 07:00 GMT
dial-in: 641.715.3840
access code: 532240#
only 96 will be admitted

so yeah idk if anyone go it but there it is

diego_naroh666 said...

With the letters of "nortdash" if you mix'em you may write "shorthand" that comment it says it was postted at 3:07 and that time it's were some people find something on the first video

Kevin Blaine said...

Hey, just found this blog. I was able to decipher the text on that picture. It's a web address -

Went there and the same logo is used with different text. Working on that now. Good luck.

Kevin Blaine said...

This is weird... the number that b41427 gave is also used by this company:

Is this at all connected??

Kevin Blaine said...

Ok, so there are a lot of numbers associated with that number... It seems as though it is a rerouting number. For example, you call that number, enter a given access code, and then it connects you to the right party. Kind of weird, but whatever works. Nothing new found yet though.

Mikey said...

For those less inclined toward figuring this one out.

10.13 - Well normally that would strike me as a time, but we have a time on there, so I figure that must be a date. October 13th.

07:00 GMT - 7am[?] Greenwich Mean Time. The time zone us brits live in.

Dial in: 641.715.3840 - An IP address?

Access code: 532240# A password, I figure.

And the last bit I guess means exactly what it says on the tin.

So, go to the IP adress at 7am GMT, on 13/10, put in the password, and youre in. but only 96 can do it.

Or at least thats what I think. I know i'll be trying.

Anonymous said...

I noticed some thing :

when logging to this page and taking a space in both of the two inputs and pressing the submit button :

every time you press , you will get a word of the phrase : "The air is clear the birds are flying"

Anonymous said...

its a cryptoquip... thanx to kevin blaine i was able to get a "key" and working on the deciphering now..

Anonymous said...

the air is clear the birds are flying... googled it.. clicked on the 96th one... something about crocodile tears.. idk its interesting if anyone wants to check it..

OctalMage said...

Mikey was pretty close I think, but I think that the dial in was a phone number, and when you call, it would ask for you to punch in the access code. Notice the code has no letters, also its followed by a pound. "Please enter the code and press pound" is a very common phrase.
Its the 14th now, so I think I missed it. I'm going to call in a sec. When it says only 96, it sounds like its going to be a conference call or something. Alot of times when you call into those they have a password to get in.

What diego said was very interesting. A coincidence? I don't know.

I called the number just now, and it is a conference line, there is no one in there though. Did anyone call it yesterday?

ps:ip addresses are in sets of 4 numbers, not 3.

CrozThePossum said...

b4l427, how did you decipher this:
contact: hope is alive
order: refseq1097452

Even with that large part of the undecipherable message deciphered, it makes the key impossible... at least as far as I can tell...

And how does "hope is alive" translate to "4673 47 25483"

I thought I could use this to figure out the rest of the note, but it seems you came upon this by magic...

genie said...

if you go to "j" myspace page on the wallpaper it has a website

there's a picture of some people, i don't know if this helps or not

genie said...

if you go to "j" myspace page on the wallpaper it has a website

there's a picture of some people, i don't know if this helps or not

Craig said...

jesus, what sort of cipher is it? also, how did kevin find/make the key?

damnteen20 said...

okay sooo so far i have this, i have no idea how he got that hope is alive and the ref number but this is the info i have if it helps any one more than me the clips that most of you already know are in the opening when the camera is being set up it says "THIEVED INFORMS US" and under that it says "FR33 INQUIRY" and finally under that it says "summer 93" another thing i saw on a diff clip was the target on the no parking sighn "m3m3" on the license plate when she the sit "" and then type any random name and random # and it says " the air is clear the birds are flying" and last of all is the code at the end of the clip when an eye comes up with a target on it... in thes order are the sentences... "jes xrh lbge lxh gph i ugcd j nax wfnte yyx" then under that is "axfe mo rb mip rn zsw pq trh ahoeh s koof dowhha jyg prf rpf" and then finally dkskf hivo px b singsg dwno ick use dlax byd zodvf" with a #4787 to the side if this helps any one let me know im gabriel

Ariel_Vicious said...

Ok so when you put in "hope is alive" and then in the reference space you put "refseq1097452" it brings up this:
10.13 @ 07:00 GMT
dial-in: 641.715.3840
access code: 532240#
only 96 will be admitted
Just as b4l472 stated.
But did anyone click on the status information? this is what it brings up when you do. here's the link:

chriswel03 said...

hey croz you get those numbers if you spell hope is alive with your phone 4673 47 25483

Anonymous said...

i think she is being held near that lake in california "shaped" like let us kill... in a well

guitarnews said...

I guessed that url, if it is at all helpful to anyone..

Zack said...

the dial in number is a phone number. the axcess code is what it asks you for and u put that in, then it puts you on hold... i was on hold for about 5 minutes and nothing happened. except it went a little fuzzy when the music was playing (since i was on hold) and then it just went right back to the music.

gallumph said...

i think that... i'm not sure though... but i think i swa a sign w/ that picture in new york

Alexander said...

there is a faint blue code at the top on the website given by ariel_viscous

check it out