Thursday, September 27, 2007

first video coming Monday

Been working with Tom on editing together Hope's footage. It's been taking longer than I would like due to my work load. Trying to balance work and school has been difficult over the last few weeks. But we are close to launching the first in a series of videos. Our goal is Oct. 1st.

We've been noticing elements within the video. They appear to be strange symbols. Been trying to figure out what they mean. If you know what it means or have any idea what type of symbol it is please drop us an email

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Alisha said...

Yes, I have seen those markings before. It comes from demonds, from the looks of it at the time hope part two was recorded her mother had demonds in her and they were controling her every move. What happens is the witching hour is 3am some start at 12 midnight but most come out to what they call "play" is at 3am.Her mother needs help by an excersist to remove the demonds before they kill her. What happens when the demonds inter your body is it feels like you are asleep but you're not the demond controls your every move and that's exactly what they did um when they are inside you they have you do anything just as you saw in the video, I am very sorry for Hope and her family as well her feoncei. But please keep on recording those video's of her mother being attaked by those demonds and show them like you did Hopes video and to Most Haunted they can help fight those out and they can communicate with Hope she might be trying to get in touch with you. You need to hear her cry she will tell you who did this to her.